We are a flexible, innovative and development oriented company. Our fundamental competitive advantage are adaptability and versatility. These relate especially to:

  • PLC and operating panel programming,
  • start-up of industrial machines,
  • transport lines start-up,
  • servicing electropneumatic machines,
  • musical fountains,
  • various pumping systems,
  • diagnostics and troubleshooting,
  • internet access to machinery and equipment,
  • control systems,
  • manufacture of electrical panels and machinery electrification,
  • creation of electrical plans and supporting documents,

Avtomatizacija strojev in naprav Daniel Soršak s.p.
Lovrenc na Dravskem polju 56A
2324 Lovrenc na Dravskem polju, Slovenia
Tel: +386 41754704
Email: info@avtomatizacija.si

Matična številka: 3814688,
Davčna številka: SI-51787199,
Zavezanec za DDV: DA
TRR: SI56 6100 0001 2118 266 (DH)